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In all seriousness, Thanks for the awesome time and being one of the best Minecraft communities I have ever seen. I would do a list of all the cool people, but I can't take up the whole page.

It is a shame to see the server go so being a troll as I am, Jamie and I thought we would spice the forums up.

Wishing you all a good time,
- Porky
Someone who plays too much Elder scrolls...
[Admin] Penis man - Aka Irish Chell may still be alive, but Ghast Realm is not.
Hello guys, Fin here.
The Owner of GhastRealm Clans Minecraft Server... This post is on a sad note. Take the time to scrutinize the text to find the answers. Please refrain from posting hate, but I will take some questions.
A couple of weeks ago I had a vision, that GhastRealm would once again become the 'old' GhastRealm. Now I thought deeply and kind of stressed on the subject that me being my age how can I bring GhastRealm back up to how it was before, in 2013. I now have exams, revision and my GCSE's coming up and I have little time to push Ghast forward. Hence why it has stagnated with little players and hackers getting away with hacking and exploiting. Let's face it, this year did not advance as I had planned. As we planned.

Now the main reason why I'm shutting the server down. Please note this is almost certainly permanent, but it's because of the work I have to do, in-order to achieve. Now, I also believe that Minecraft for me is dead now. I've played the game for three long years. To be frank, it's not my game anymore; I've grown up out of the idea of roaming and building to your hearts content. The 'old' adrenaline rush from killing someone had depleted long since I quit Minecraft PvP; I've now seeked' that rush elsewhere. In 2013, April the 9th. When I started Ghast. It was my resort, last attempt to do my dream and create a server. And'' I feel like I had accomplished it. It was my major attempt to continue enjoying the game. But hey, after a while everything gets old. Right?

Now please consider that...

If I didn't play the server or Minecraft itself, my responsibility as Owner died. The server became dusty, and I was the only one wielding the duster. Now, no Admin could do that, that's just how it is.

What Will Happen To Ghast Now?
The server will be shut-down and inaccessible.
The Forums will remain for the time being. But will be closed if hate begins to block it up.
I will be around
Perhaps Twitch or YouTube will find me I don't know, but I want to move on.

I'd like to say, this closure isn't sudden. It's been on my mind for a while and I want to finally take the time to end it here, rather than face the issues with little time and support in my hands. I'm not just merely 'giving up', I'm ending what comes to an end eventually.

I would like to say some last things. I'm really grateful for all that has happened in the last year. I've spoken, met some amazing people and they won't be forgotten. Those who did the littlest things to just saying hello on a bad day, or to donating to help support server costs in times of need. I thank-you and I feel bad that this must come to an end. I see to it that if a server I own ever comes up and I donor from here plays, he'll receive benefits there as well.

GhastRealm has been enjoying trainride. The server was hard to get going at first, but with the help of Coolkid553 he made it possible and I still thank him for this, to this day; for making the community like it is and stronger for it. He was a really nice but I haven't spoken to him for 8 months.

Secondly I'd like to thank Jamie - Snipershot & Alfie - MrPorky. They helped GhastRealm more than ever, from near the beginning and end. I still speak to them nearly everyday and on behalf of GhastRealm I'm grateful. They helped lift GhastRealm through the bad.

I'd like to say thank-you to Jynx/JTBOT. Now Josh was an awesome member, he played all the time and I believe he deserved every ounce of Admin. I'm truly sorry for Jynx as he did not have much time as an Admin, but I thank him so much :). Xenocrane, I'd like to thank him for his support, he was a frequent member of GhastRealm and supported me in trying to arrange Staff conferences. Some players may disagree with my statement but this is from my opinion.

Domknick, Ryu & Daniel. I remember those times you built spawns over night while I was sleeping, you guys, I wish you well. When you were active Staff members while I was active, you were awesome. I understand why you left.

SkyCptNate - You were great dude, thank-you
MadPvP     - I never spoke to you much, at all. But I know what you did for the community. Thank-you.
PenHD      - Although you were banned for hacks, and there were many accusations, I still thank-you for being around and making those banners, pictures & YouTube art. 
Eddy        - Awesome, even before you were Staff you were epic and made the PvP community bigger. Thanks :)
Barry       - You are the trolliest of trolls. Thank-you man :)

I'd like to say thank-you to any of those who weren't mentioned, because think of it this way. If I took a picture of everyone who was part of GhastRealm for example as a figure of speech, I would see you in it. You wouldn't go unforgotten.

Coolerz. I understand that this will be a shock to you. But I thank-you for all of your support and I wish we stay in contact. You've been with the server from start till finish and I can't thank you more, your support was great and the team wish you well.

Finally, lastly, I'd like to say a few words about Tucker - DefiantTech & Paul_Delahaye, the former Co-Owners of GhastRealm. Al-though the two left GhastRealm after time and with Tucker school and with Paul we parted ways. But I still thank them both for the support they gave. I wish to speak to Tucker again soon, it's been too long, but I thank them both and wish them well.

DefiantTech a Call me on skype soon Finley I hate to see the server go down D; ...
[Admin] Penis man - Aka Irish "Barry - You are the trolliest of trolls. Thank-you man " ...
[Elite] Some crazy Australlian I met on Skype It is extremely sad to hear this, I still think back at the original ghastrealm when it was factions, I remember my very ...
Over the last 24 hours, a exploit in the login system OpenSSL (OpenSecureSerialLink) has been found. It is fairly complicated but I will urge all members of this Enjin forum to RESET their passwords. I will also be strongly recommending that you reset every password!

Q: But what if it says HTTPS? Doesn't that mean it is secure.
A: No, HTTPS requires OpenSSL, so unless you are using a VPN (and even that is unsecure) you are unsafe.

Just change your f**king password!
Now change your password.


[Owner] J_Irish a posted Apr 9, 14
Today in 2013 GhastRealm was opened :)

I'll be on the server today making some more changes, to the website as well.
[hMod] Penis man - Aka Irish LETS GO GHASTREALM WOOOOOOOT!!!
My skype is: jayftlee Happy Anniversary to Ghast Realm PvP! ...
[Mod] Coolerz261 WOOOOT Here is hoping that GHastrealm shall live FOREVER
I'll have tons of time in the next two weeks and I'll be spending a lot on Ghast. I'm going to be adding new features and generally taking a look at everything. I've been quite busy but the anniversary is a few days away and I want Ghast to be on it's feet again.

-I'm going to be hosting a Facebook page for GhastRealm which will be cool.
-Revamping donor ranks and adding more.
-Taking a look at PvP to make it more fair and benefiting.

Once I sort out the donor ranks I'm going to look into GMOD next to perhaps expand further.

- Sorry, Fin

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